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             Dreams are not those there which we used to see while sleeping , dreams are those which we live in we all have dreams , but there only a few people could fulfil that one particular dream. Many of us can’t get that chance, many of us can’t get the opportunity , or many of us can’t get that incidents  . Here in our Website www.axomkhubakh.online we are launching the  brand new opportunity to all writers , story tellers , narrators ,  reader to come and try their luck. Not just for yourself , Do it as your dream and also for our Assamese Language . Our main motive is to promote Assamese language and take it to the  largest platform in the world.  Some people may not believe in luck but if there is no luck behind success than Mr. P.K. Narayan won’t get awarded for his very famous book  “Swami And Friends” , if there is no luck than our “মিৰি জীয়ৰী” did not get awarded as one of the best books from North East. We can’t achieve anything by depending only in our luck . We have to work for this,which we want to get in life .

              So, There Readers let’s not just be in our dreams , let’s just live in our dreams.